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UO and OTW

Ok, I have played this game called Ultima Online for nearly 4 years. Through that time I have made a lot of friends. I quit 2 seperate times but only to return again. My current stint of playing has been for just over a year. In that time I was able to encounter a close friend of mine in game and joined up in a roleplaying guild within the game. I've been in the game for a year and almost everything I have done I've documented in one way or another and even have lots of screen shots of events we have done.

To the point.

I'm working on writing a story about my time within the guild, The Order of the True Wolves. In my time in the guild my character has had love, power, and death. In lead the guild for 4 months late last year. Anyway. I've been going through all of our message boards and all my pictures and I have finished the first chapter of my story. It's when I returned to the game and found my friend from long ago.

FYI, I don't claim to be a good writer. In fact I think I'm terrible, but I do enjoy creative writing and I'm looking to improve. If you are interested in reading my stroy take a look at it and let me know what you think or if you have any pointers for me to fix parts of it. I'm writing it in notepad right now but I'm planning to throw it in Word to fix grammatical errors. Everything in this story happened In Game or on the Mesage Boards, of course I have fixed parts up for flow of story.

***********Revised as for 4:16 Pacific************

Many moons have passes since I returned to these lands. As some of you know of my past which I have written of before I will continue this story from the time I returned...

As I slowly approached the tavern thoughts rushed through my head, "would she remember me?", "will she care", "she's married what does it matter?” But I knew I had to return and see it for myself. The Order of Silver Wolves told me I could find her here, but did I really want to find her?. The rain still hadn't let up so as I entered the tavern I was still concealed in my cloak that I used to protect me from the rain, drab and dull no
one noticed as I entered and removed it. I was still dressed in my normal attire that she would remember, blue kilt, sash, white shirt, and my standard black thigh high boots. I scanned the room and look at each one of the patrons. Not seeing her I head towards the corner and sits, pulling a bottle from pack, taverns never had good, clean water. After relaxing for a moment I heard a strangely familiar laugh. My ears perked up as I once again scanned the room. A glimpse of red hair! I look closer and I see the face of a angel.

"My lord... she is here."

I got up and approached her slowly, not wanting to make a scene if her beau were to be offended.

"Tis indeed great to see the face of an angel once again... Lord Dalamar and the great sorcerer Nighthawk give
their blessings. And I, I once again extend my hand in friendship to my’ lady..."

My face filled with grief as I looked upon her knowing she would never be mine. But I slowly smile, fake but a smile none the less.

The look on her face was worth a million gold pieces. She was in shock... nay awe... It had been a very long time since I had disappeared from her life. She was to wed Andrelo and heartbroken I did the only thing I knew how to do, run...

"Dan? Is that you!?"

She touches my hand almost pinching me.

" first mentor. I don't know what to say!"

She bows to me, and I smile.

"There is no need to bow Demyss, we are beyond formalities such as that."

A broad smile hits her face. The innocence I knew from her had long since past. She was a battle hardened warrior now.

"Dan, I'm so... It has been such a long time! So much has happened, so much has changed!"

She looks around the tavern waving down a worker.

"Please! Someone get this man something to eat and drink!"

Her eyes begin to tear up. An unsure look hits her face.

"I've missed you all so much. Please... Tell me where you have been? How did you find me?!?!"

"So what no hug?” I say as I look at her beautiful red hair. That hair always seemed to raise my spirits. I
open up my arms and give her a long friendly hug. It had been some time since someone had hugged me so; it felt good to be in her arms.

"Hrm, how did I find you... Well that is an interesting story all in itself... I found an old book of writings that the guild once used, which included bits and pieces of stories from many guild members. From there I heard word that you a friend of yours had joined another guild. That friend being General Jennae Kynn. So I went to that guild and asked if they had heard of the great warrior Demyss and they explained how you were missed much and about you being one of the most honorable fighters they have know. But no one knew what had happened to you... I then heard word from a man named Daemon he mentioned that your friend Jennae Kynn was here. So I came here hoping that along the way you may have joined the OTW as well. When I showed up at the OTW and explained who I was and that I was looking for you they thought it would be great for me to surprise you. So that is what brings me here today."

"Of course my story doesn't end there. The real question is where I have been. But that is something that would require me to pour my heart out about the woman I thought loved me. And also to talk about what led me away from the KoT which includes the pain I suffered when you were wed..."

My heart stricken by those words I said I slump to my seat and an immense feeling of hopelessness and sadness hit

To food and drink arrive and I took a deep breath of the hot meal. After months of fish steaks it's good to have a real meal.

She shakes her head slowly as she sits next to me and orders herself ale.

"The pain you suffered when I was wed...” she frowns with a confused look. "I have twice neared the altar of marriage but fortunately been spared. Once with Andreolo, whom you probably remember well for he was an honourable man of KoT, and once with Cortez whom I doubt you would remember at all and in fact I would not waste the energy trying."

Confusing still is upon my face after hearing she never wed.

"When I left you were about to marry Andreolo, who I respected very much. What did he do? Since I know an angel such as you could have never done wrong..." I let out a smile and chuckle, "I remember Cortez. M'lady you sure seem to be one with a fluttering heart for many a man..."

"If you need me to take care of Cortez you know my heart is always behind you, as well as my sword."

She smiles and shakes her head, "Tell me of this woman who led you from KoT. Did I know her?"

"Now about the woman that led my heart astray; well I met here while I was in Deciet killing off vile Liches, she was fighting beside me and we bumped into one another, when I saw the smile on her face I melted. With the pain I had in my heart from you getting married, I decided to go away with her. How I should have known meeting a lady in Deciet was a very bad ideal! She reminded me of you when I looked at her, which was probably my first mistake. She quickly spun her web around me, like you women do and soon I was enveloped in a plot to rob the house of a well off man in the deep woods near Yew and murder him and his family. He had many enemies, but he was a good man, and his enemies where bad people. She figured we could make it look like one of his
enemies had done it."

"As I started to push away and decide this wasn't the right thing to do, she continued to tempt me with her womanly assests. When the day of the plan came upon us I told her I had decided against doing it and that I couldn't do something like this to someone that never did harm to me. She got extremely angry and that was when I noticed she wasn't at all normal. Her eyes began to glow a deep scarlet red and she attacked me with a form of magic I had never seen before. I barely escaped with my life and sought peace with the a monestary west of the great city of Trinsic."

"And there I have been since last week when I heard word of the great Lord Dalamar and Lord Nighthawk and that they had returned for a long journey. I set off at once to join my brethern and see if I could be of assistance. When I was helping clean the dusty guildhouse up I came acrossed the old KoT guild book and it brought back my dear memories of you."

"Unfortunately it appears I have got to you to late, it appears the fear and pain of adventuring has led you astray from the qualities I remember so dearly."

I look at Demyss seeing the sadness and pain others have placed onto her in her eyes.

"I only wish I was here when these things happen so I may have saved you the angish I now see on your face and demenor..."

She took my hand and looks me in the eyes.

"I remember you as a noble Knight, my friend. I am so glad to hear that the wiles of a woman did not have the power to lead you away from that." She looks toward the door, gazing at nothing now. "As for Andreolo, it was not I that was wronged there. And Cortez, well..." She smirks and looks back at me. "Karma can not be outrun. I've no need to concern myself with the likes of him."

Realize the sadness and concern on my face she sighs and gives my hand a soft squeeze.

"I am not anguished, my dear friend. I am changed, yes. The idealistic young warrior that worked her way through your ranks was left behind long ago I'm afraid. You see before you the result of unforgivable acts of treachery, deceit. The result of misplaced loyalties that were never reciprocated. The jaded end result of daggers carried aloft to my heart by words of others."

A dark almost evil laugh comes from her, "There was a time when I would not have said shit were my mouth stuffed full of it. But I recognize and call things now for what they are..."

Her face softens again. I can tell she is confused.

She looks back at me again, "The old Demyss is long gone, though her values remain. I hope that you can learn to call this new one a friend as well..."

I slowly raise my hand to touch her face and she flinches. Continuing I reach her soft cheek and look deep into her eyes and she begins to smile.

"I'm sure deep down inside the sweet innocent girl I knew is there. But now you are much more a woman. Just remember no matter what others have done in the past, not all people are bad. Even I see that now after all that has happened with me these past many months. Hopefully in time you will soften up once again. How are you supposed to get me to fall for you once again without that quality? Although I still see the same person I knew when I look at you. And I still get that same feeling when I look into your eyes. Alas now I'm starting to ramble! It's good that you have your values. Those are hard to change and once they do most people never turn back."

Another woman comes near and sits at the table next to ours. She has a look of power, the others in the tavern look to her. She looks upon Demyss and me as we continue to talk.

"Do not think I don't know that the entire room is not listening to what is being said here, General. Please, if you want to hear, take a seat here next to Salina and Magnus, and let us make a party of it." Demyss chuckles and turns back to me.

"What was the question? How am I going to 'get' you to fall for me?" She shakes her head and laughs.

"You always were the biggest flirt. I believe Magnus here must have taken his cues from you. Though as far as softening up goes... I think the True Wolves prefer their warriors somewhat hard...", She winks at me to show she did know what I meant and is only teasing.

"Tell me of Dalamar and Nighthawk, do they still walk these lands?"

"As I mentioned Dalamar and Nighthawk had gone on a long journey, neither one talks of it, but Lord Nighthawk hasn't been the same since. It's almost as it all his powers were taken away. He's slowly learning back his powers but I fear other problems may arise in time. The others you mention are merely memories... I hear Juliana stops by from time to time, but I have yet to see my brother since my return. I hear stories of Magus adventuring on a far off land called Camelot, but I may of been mistaken, I had never heard of that land and I thought I had been everywhere."

"Lord Dalamar hasn't changed much, since the peace maker he always was. He's a good man, I glad I met him way back when I did, for I fear I wouldn't be the man I am today if I had not."

I sigh as I though of my past guildmates, "So many are gone, gone forever most likely, but none will ever be forgotten. Well actually some will be forgotten." A smirk comes to my faces as I think of the likes of Johnny Garlic and others such as him.

"But even those that I may have hoped to forget still hold a place dear to me."

I look her over and run my hand through her hair, "Hardness is good for the battlefield, although emotion can be one of the greatest assets to a warrior in battle. The warrior that users their emotions can overcome many obstacles and even sometimes gains the advantage because they can truly use all their senses."

I hear a whisper behind me from someone talking about Demyss and myself, "No old friend I have no quarrel with you this day,today we sit and watch this wounderous love that once was be reunited after so much time has passed."

I smirk as I hear the word love, "Love?... heh... Love..." I turn around to the one I assumed was whispering, "Love may be too strong of a world... Adoration is probably better suited. I adored Demyss, that smile she gets, the red hair, and the way she fought in battle. Although I must admit if I was the man she was to have wed, we would still be hand in hand as of today. But alas fate had other plans for the two of us."

I turn back around and look at her, "Although fate has brought us together once again..."

She looks around the room and notices everyone is crowded around the table now, "Dan you always did have a smooth way about you. Look at how you have transformed this room! I declare that Jennae would be wise to have you on as her diplomat for everywhere you went the sighs of caring and compassion for one's fellow would surely follow!" She continues to drink from her tankard of ale.

The woman at the table near to us raises and walks towards me as I look up upon her. She is powerful yet caring. She had a near motherly look from a woman so young, close to my age if I would guess.

"I am Jennae Kynn, the leader of this bunch of... rogues. I'm very pleased to meet someone from Demyss' past in person. I feel I know you all well, for she does speak of all of you with some frequency. I trust you are free to visit our fair Moonglow for a few days? Believe me, our Wolves are not always this ill mannered..." She looks upon all those that have decided to make the conversation a public one.

I smile up to her and nod, "Thank you for you invite. I will be visiting Moonglow shortly. In fact I was in Moonglow just two days ago and walked all across the countryside looking for the OTW Guildhouse. Could you possibly help me?"

"I'd be happy to show you the guild house, Sir. We have several gathering spots, which I will explain when we take our tour. Simply let me know what is a convenient time and I will have one of our mages provide you with the needed transportation."

Remembering she has work to do Demyss wraps an arm around me and kisses me on the cheek as she looks at Jennae, "Yes, yes I'm on my way to deliver your message to Ty'orthor. Be back sometime tomorrow."
"Don't be a stranger. I hope to see you when I return from this fool--er-- important mission I am being sent on."

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