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So Yeah...

Like there is this position open at our corporate offices. Residential Training Developer, in Herndon, VA.

Saw the title a couple days ago in a email from the Director of Support Delivery, thought it kinda sounded like something I could do. Checked out the job description today and it's deffinately something I know I could do, but I'm not sure really if I would be ready to do it. Plus there is the fact that everything I have is here in Southern California.

My parents, sister, niece, nephew, my friends, including the guy that is like my second brother, freshtastic73. I like it here. I've never really thought of leaving California. But other then the family and friends there isn't much holding me back from leaving. I'm single, sure I have one or two girls I'm interested in, but nothing has happen in those relationships to make me think I should fail to make a life decision such as this. It would be such a big move... And the thing I fear the most is that if I did it there would be no looking back if I stayed with Time Warner. Once I went to the corporate office I wouldn't really have a way of getting back California, and my ultimate goal would be returning to this area.

I talked to my supervisor today he thinks I would be stupid to let a possible oppurtunity like this pass by. He has a good relationship with a couple of the people that have a hand in the hiring, so he would put in a great review of me to them. I briefly talked to my manager too, he seemed to think I could do it. My main lacking is that I haven't strictly worked on only training (which is what the position entails). It asks for someone with 3-5 years of training experience which I have, but only as a small part of my position. My manager would give me a glowing report to them as well.

I'm very interested in getting into training, but I'm not sure just jumping to this level would be the best for me career development wise. I mean what if I fail... 2792 miles away from home. I could come back to my department since I know they would be happy to have me back if I couldn't handle it. But at the same time I'm a fighter I don't give up easily, I'm just afraid that I would make a move like this and end up not being happy. I'm happy right now, I have a good job, great famliy and friends, I'm living on my own and things are going well, I'm only missing someone to spend my spare time with. If I did something like this I would be giving up those things that are complete in my life right now and starting from square one...

I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble. But it could be a great chance to move up in the company, I'm just not sold on the possibilies of advancement after getting it. I wouldn't be supervising anyone and I would report directly to the director. But then I guess I could always look for a position at another company if I wanted to move back home eventually...

I don't know...

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