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My Exsistance Today Is By Fate...

Nearly 50 years ago my grandfather Clifford Dean didn't go to war (atleast not at first). He tried to go but because of burns on his body that he had from an accident as a child they didn't accept him. My grandfather already had a wife and children to take care of at the time, but it was his duty to fight for his country. After some time had passed he felt it was needed for him to try again, he felt bad that he was one of the only men his age that was able bodied walking his streets. The military accepted him and he became a paratrooper (not sure if he was in Airborne or not, trying to find out specifics). He was sent to the Pacific. During drills he broke his leg just days before he was to jump, the men he trained with and plane he was to be on all died on their first jump. By fate of a broken leg I exsist today. He ended up having one jump before the war was over. He served his country and fortunately survived. He passed away long before I was born...

War is not pretty, it's a terrible thing. But at times it must be done. Although I don't feel war is the best answer for all circumstances I do feel it was justified in this situation. The people of Iraq have suffered for to long under a ruler that doesn't care about them, and has proved that time and time again by countless killings of his own people. This war has nothing to do with the war on terrorism, Hamas is nothing like Al-Queda. Honestly I don't think this war is only about the son finishing his dad's job. I also don't feel it is only a war about oil. I don't know what the war is about but I do feel that the US Government cares about more then those things that the protesters try to say the war is about. It's time those that protest the war realize that the men and women on the other side of the earth are fighting to try and bring those same freedoms that allow them to protest to those people of Iraq. Show support for our troops. Stop calling for the head of President Bush. Impeach Bush, Why?

The UN has no backbone. They have no power. They set a ruling and didn't stick to it. The US and their allies decided to continue with the ultimatum that was originally set forth.

I know a lot of people that are in the military. Some of them in Iraq now, and I think about them all day as I watch TV. I know what they are doing is the right thing to do. Not all things can be accomplished by negotiation, war is needed (unfortunately). The US has shown the people of Iraq that they only wish to attack the leaders not those of Iraq.

I love the US. The men and women of the US military make me proud to be an Amercian. God be with you all.

I don't care if you respond to this or not. I don't care if you are anit-war or pro-war. But I have to say this just about everyone of the guys I work with agrees that something had to be done. Although we hate that it got to this, something had to be done...

Just remember those men and women are willing to die for your right to protest and for your right to freedom of speech, and they don't even know you...

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