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F+ is what I get for keeping up with my A-Z CDS!

Far Too Jones - Picture Postcard Walls - produced by a guy that produced TTWS stuff. Some good songs, but nothing earthshattering.

Fastball - All the Pain that Money Can Buy - Good solid album. Fire Escape is my favorite. Also includes overplay The Way.

Fenix TX - Self Titled - Fun punk, like Blink, but I think the good songs on this album might be better then the good ones on Blinks albums.

Fighting Gravity - You and Everybody Else - $3.99 special from a used CD store. I must have liked one song on the album, but I can't remember!

Filter - Take A Picture (Single) - Only Filter song I have ever really liked. Did I tell you that my friend Doug freshtastic73 met them once?

Five For Fighting - America Town - What is better then a band named after something in a sport? Well more then 1 or 2 good songs would be better....

Five Iron Frezny - Our Newest Album Ever! - Local OC Ska Band. Has a couple good songs, but I haven't listened to it in ages.

Ben Folds - Rockin' The Suburbs - Great album. Ben Folds is one of the lyrical/musical geniuses of our time.

Foo Fighters - Self Titled - The first FOO. Back when it was just Dave Grohl. He did it all himself, I was impressed, and so started my liking of Foo.

Foo Fighters - The Color and the Shape - Another great Foo album.

Foo Fighters - the one after the last, I can't find it!

Fountains of Wayne - Self Titled - remember That Thing You Do! ? Well this band includes the guy that won the contest to write the That Thing You Do! song. Very good songs on this album.

Fountains of Wayne - Utopian Pkwy - A big let down from their first album. WHY DO BANDS DO THIS ALL THE TIME!!!???

Fuel - Something Like Human - BMG special only has a couple songs I like. Hemorrage (in my hands) is a good song.

Funhole - Self Titled - Local band, one of my coworkers is friends with them. I have yet to listen to this album, I have had it for 2 years.

Further Seems Forever - The Moon is Down - basically like Dashboard, same singer at the time. They have changed singers since.

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