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E is for... um... Everything!

8 Stops 7 - In Moderation - This is some deep stuff. Not to mention they are from Orange County, I didn't find that out till about 4 years after I bought the album.

Evan and Jaron - We've Never Heard of You Either! - Got this one from my buddy Offy in Boston, he sent he the album in MP3s since it isn't in print anymore.

Evan and Jaron - Self Titled - Doug thinks they are gay brothers... But if he just listened to the music he'd like it.

Eve 6 - Self Titled - I'm running out of things to say about my CDs. I only like 2 or 3 songs on this CD. I love the opening of Open Road Song, always reminds me of the movie Can't Hardly Wait.

Everclear - Songs from am American Movie Vol. 1 Learning How to Smile - I've only really listened to the songs they played on the radio on this album. Haven't just listened to it from start to finish.

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