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CAKE - Comfort Eagle - I really like this CD, Cake is fun. I still need the get the 2 previous albums on CD.

The Calling - Camino Palmero - A couple good songs, but this isn't my CD, it's Doug's ;).

Chicago - Greatest Hits Vol. II - I also have 1985-1990 somewhere around here. I love me some Chicago!

Chalk Farm - Notwithstanding - another $.99 special. I think one of their songs was on the radio, many moons ago.

Collapsis - Dirty Wake - Oh man, the lead singer of this no longer exsistant band has an amazing voice. He is now in Atheneaum. A lot of great songs.

Counting Crows - Recoving the Satellites - Last December! I still remember driving around LA with my friend Michelle when we were kinda dating, her sleeping while I'm making my way to Griffth Observatory and I'm listening and singing to this album.

Counting Crows - This Desert Life - This is a very good album from start to finish. Colorblind is a masterpiece, and Amy Hit the Atmosphere are great songs.

Counting Crows - Hard Candy - I like this album a lot more after seeing them live a back in December.

Counting Crows - August and Everything After - Quite possibly contains my favorite song of all time, Mr. Jones. Round Here, Omaha, and Perfect Blue Buildings are pure musical and lyrical gems. Memories of when I really started to love music always return when I listen to this album

Counting Crows - Acrosss A Wire, Live in New York - A bunch of live and acoustic stuff. Although I'm not fond of the live Mr. Jones...

Cowboy Mouth - Mercyland - Well I bought this CD for some reason. I must have thought I liked something on it. I have not idea what. It was only $3.99.

Creed - Human Clay - Talking about my friend Michelle another one that reminds me of her. She loved to hear me sing With Arms Wide Open.

The Crystal Method - Busy Child (Single) - Always liked this song. I link this type fo stuff sometimes but I don't own much of it. I need to get some Chemical Brothers again too. (Had some of tapes).

Wes Cunningham - $2.99 Used. Some ok stuff, but nothing that jumped out at me. Can't remember anything from it...

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