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Addict - Stones - I got this CD when I did music reviews for a online zine. Compared them to Bush...

Ryan Adams - Gold - One of the CDs I got when I won that fathers day gift on the radio. It's ok, I'm not really into Ryan Adams, he has talent, but not really my type of music.

All - Pummel - Oh how I love this CD, this is one of the first bands that introduced me to mellow Punk that was about relationships. I never would have known this band if it weren't for a buddy of mine that was on the BBS I used to be on called Prism...

All - Mass Nerder - Not even half the CD that Pummel was. All is nothing like they used to be, they don't even have the same singer anymore.

The All American Rejects - Self Titled - This CD is great. Their mixture of different instruments and the lyrics about relationships just really get to me.

American Hi-Fi - Self Titled - Only a couple really good songs on this album, but they are some of the best songs I have heard the past 2 years, Flavor of the Weak and Another Perfect Day.

Arthur - Loliness is Bliss - MxPx lite, this is a GREAT CD. I wish it had more then 6 songs, I can't wait till they finally come out with a full CD.

Ash - Free All Angels - I only really like one song on this CD and even it isn't that great. But I have a lot of CDs like that.

Athenaeum - Self Titled - This CD has nothing on the next one. I'm not sure what's happened to Ath but they need to get their act together.

Athenaeum - Radiance - One of the BEST CD's that I have ever owned. I love this CD and can listen/sing with it for hours on end.

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