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Fight Club

For my birthday my sister and brother in law bought me Fight Club on DVD. Now I had never seen this movie so I watched it the night I got it and I have to admit I was really impressed by the movie. It's way different then anything I would have thought it was. I really think that when the movie came out they didn't market it right. If they had marketed Fight Club correctly the movie would have done even better in the box office. I have to say it is one of the best movies I have seen lately and I'm happy to have it now as part of my DVD collection. Along with the movie it came with an extra CD which shows story boards and also how they created a lot of the special effects. Very impressive.

Tomorrow I am going to California Adventure, Disneyland's new neighbor. It should be pretty fun. We will see. On Saturday I work and then afterwards I am heading over to my friends. We are going out to dinner and then going to some bar or something. One of the guys that we used to hang out with is back in town from Arizona. He's pretty cool, he works for Intel and I talk to him online every once in while. I'm expecting to have a pretty good time. It's my first time really going out with this group of friends, so I know it will at least be interesting.

That's it for now.

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