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Funny stuff...

From Letterman....

Top Ten Things Overheard In The Angels Locker Room

10. "Mmm, this Rally Monkey is delicious!"

9. "Why is Bud Selig showering with us?"

8. "Thanks to the fans, and the bookies who made us 30-to-1 long shots at the beginning of the season"

7. "I feel bad for Barry Bonds... just kidding"

6. "It sure was nice of the Mets to send over all this pot"

5. "Here's to the California Angels... or the Anaheim Angels or whatever the hell we are"

4. "We've got great momentum going into game 8"

3. "Now that we've won, I'm sure we'll be invited to appear on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'"

2. "Yes, Troy, you have a nice thunderstick"

1. "The victory parade is Tuesday -- start thawing Walt"

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