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You know what I think is funny...

This stupid commercial they have had on TV for this new "Crave" colonge from Calvin Klien. Who they hell are they marketing this crap too? I means it's for men. But why the hell would I want to see a guy doikng stuff that has a good body and no shirt on? I mean what the fuck? This does not make me want to buy the crap. It's not like the shit is going to make me look like this guy. Not that I would want to in the first place, he's got stupid looking long blonde hair. And another thing! The print ads! In my Stuff and Maxim magazines... They have pictures of the same stupid idiot. Sitting on a couch looking like he's saying to a girl to fuck him, with his pants half unzipped, so you can see his underware... HOW DOES THIS MARKET TOWARDS MEN!...

It's just plain stupid. But what do I know... I'm only a guy.

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