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So here I am...

I got promoted... Yeah, I'm at work right now. I'm working Sunday - Thursday 3 pm - 12 am now. All for advancement in my job. But I'm looking further ahead. I hear there is a training position coming around some day. Who would be better then that the the person that wrote the training manual?

Not much else is happening in my life. The apartment is going along smooth. I haven't had any issues. Money hasn't been a problem. It's nice living on my own. Just wish I had someone I could share it with. But I know in time that will come.

Well work is busy... I'm sure I will probably be posting more.

Bought some new albums recents.

Audiovent... "The Energy" is the only good song
Fitch - haven't really given it time to digest
The Juliana Theory - well it isn't really out, but I have it, pretty good. Grows on you.

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