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So like yeah, all the new shows are here. I only consider a handful worth watching.

Fastlane - it's not great, it's entertaining. I like it. Good action tv show, it'a bout time TV finally had a hip, action, buddy cop show back on the air.

Firefly - Wildwest meets space. Not much more I could ask for. Really good TV show, not too serious and not too funny.

John Doe - What do you get when you cross "The Pretender" and CSI? You get a guy that knows everything but who he is. I stayed home last Friday night to watch this and Firefly.

Other then these I haven't found anything worth while to watch that is new. I'm still watching my normal favorite shows.

Buffy - pretty cool so far, but I want to see how the Spike with a soul thing goes, as well as the who Sunnydale High thing.

Angel - not on till next Sunday

24 - still a couple weeks till it premieres

Boston Public - ditto, two of the teachers are leaving the show

Drew Carey Show - just started watching it again, still funny as always

Ed - Carol engaged to Dennis?! WTF? First 2 episodes have been great

Off Center - as much bad humor as ever, but that's why I like it!

Well that is 9 hours of TV a week... and just think 2 of my shows ended with Felicity and Roswell...

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