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I read an article today from Fred Claire the ex Dodgers GM, about the Angels. I went ahead and wrote him a little note.

> Dear Mr. Claire,
> First off I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful Dodger
> teams you put together in the late 80's and 90's. You did a great job
> and I will never forget what you did for the Dodgers organization.
> Also I wanted to tell you I look forward to every article you write.
> Maybe it's just because you are from the Dodgers, but I always seem to
> enjoy each and every one you write. I'm only 26, but the memories I
> have of the Dodgers while growing up will always include you. The two
> saddest days I remember with being a Dodger fan was when they were
> sold, and when you left the organization.
> Thank You,
> Daniel Schoonover
> Lifelong Dodger and Angel fan.

Just a little later I got a reply back from him

"Daniel: Thanks so much for your thoughts. I greatly appreciate your kind words. It was good to see the Dodgers have an improved season. I think the organization is getting back on the right track. And, as you know, I'm thrilled that the Angels are in the playoffs with the help of some guys from our organization--Scioscia, Hatcher, Griffin and Roeincke. Fred Claire"


That is all.

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