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Come see my place...

Who? Anyone what wants to see my new place.
What? A little shindig.
When? Date PENDING.... I'm thinking either Sunday the 18th or Saturday the 24???
Why? Because my friends keep bugging me!
Where? My new place of course!

Bring something to BBQ, something else if you want, and any alcohol you feel like leaving after the party (gotta stock up my booze somehow!). I will provide chips, dips, drinks (non alcoholic). etc.

If you feel like swimming bring a swim suit and towel. Also we play a little volleyball since I have a nice beach volleyball court.

I'm inviting friends and family members so it might be a little crowded but there is a nice grassy area in the back of the complex to hang out that should work out perfect.

Email me if you are planning to attend.

I've never thrown a party so we will see how this goes ;)

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