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I don't understand customers. They act like their life depends on their internet service. It's not like someone is going to die because you cannot get on the internet. Good luck with getting a DSL tech out to your house when you leave our service. If you don't like the service then why do you still have it. If you can get the service cheaper from another company then why haven't you canceled your service? Customers think we purposely have outages and that we purposely want to send techs out AT NO COST to fix their problems. Don't they understand that we want to limit service calls?

Stop acting like your life depends on your internet service. It's just as bad with people with their cable TV... It's just fucking tv...

I have an ideal for you. Put some clothes on and go outside. Did you know there was such a thing as fresh air and sunlight? Don't let the internet and tv run your life, have a life outside of all that crap.

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