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Random Thoughts..

I think of stuff like this all the time. I just don't normally post it.

Why do we (humans) have taste buds? What does it matter if food tastes good or bad? All food is needed for is energy. My body burns it down into parts of energy and resources for the body so what makes food have the need to have flavor? And then if some food is good for us and other is bad, why wasn't it made that good food tastes good and bad food tastes bad. Yes I know the taste of food has to do with the manufacturing of it, but I'm talking about normal food, like vegetables, fruits, meats. It makes no sense, rationally or scientifically. But if you think about it, why does man have sensations at all. There isn't a need, except for that fact that we are exceptional compared to other beings on the earth. Things like this make me think all the time. I will try to start posting more of my random thoughts about stuff...

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