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My Dream Woman...

Ok before I go and show you all this, I want you to realize, this isn't what I "want", this is what I would love to want. I realize it's completely unobtainable, and you know what.... that means nothing to me. Everyone has the right to dream :).

If you are not interested in seeing beautiful (and possibly) scantiliy clad women don't read this post. If you easily get jealous and feel like you have to belittle someone I have included in this post don't read this.

If you are a free thinker and enjoy interesting posts, well then maybe you will think this is kind of neat and do something like this for yourself...

Without anymore interuptions...

First off, she has to have the grace of Julia Roberts. I have had a thing for her since the first time I noticed her in Pretty Woman. She just has this grace that's amazing, which makes her that much more of a beautiful woman.

Next she has you have the genuine niceness of Jennifer Love Hewitt. Every time I have seen her on a talk show or anything since has always been the perfect lady and also nice to the host of the show. I don't care what anyone says about her.

She needs to have the beautiful singing ability and style of Lisa Loeb. The glasses wouldn't hurt either

The exotic look of both Sung Hi Lee and Leean Tweden.

The amazing hair of Patricia Ford.

The over the top craziness of Jenny McCarthy. (Maybe a little toned down)

The face and ass ( ;P ) of Katherine Heigl.

The perfect lips of Jessica Alba.

The eyes of Elizabeth Hurley

The innocence of Alyssa Milano (hey I grew up watching her! She's still innocent to me!)

A little bit of Rose McGowan's bad girl attitude to keep me in line.

The hair color of Ali Landry.

The boyhood crush I had for Nicole Eggert.

I guess this is where I should say the "rack" of Tyra Banks.

All wrapped up into Selma Hyeks body!

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