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My Mix CD

1. "50 M.P.H." - Pollen
I found this group on a Fueled by Ramen music sampler I picked up at The Warped Tour. Great band, very good lyrics. The singer sounds a lot like one of the former singers of All. This song in particular is a great CD starter because of the upbeat feel. Unfortunately Pollen broke up over a year ago and there is no current word on any members of the group.

2. "Long Distance" - All
Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? This song deals with the ending of that relationship and the reactions of the two people involved. All is a great punk band that includes members of The Descendants. Pummel the album that this song is off of is the best from All. Since this album the band has changed singers and isn't close to as good as previously.

3. "Chick Magnet" - MXPX
I don't know what more I can say about MXPX then I already have. They are one of my favorite groups of all time. Every new album they release they surprise me more and more with the lyrical and musical abilities. This song is off one of their older albums but it shows their influences which include Elvis Costello and 50's doowap. Yes they are a "Christian Punk Band" but listening to them you would never know, because they don't preach. Some songs indirectly show their relationship to God but anyone can appreciate the stories they tell, which include standing up for what you believing and also just being an overall good person.

4. "Bouncing of the Walls" - Sugarcult
I was recently introduced to this band through me liking Something Corporate. Another person that liked them listed Sugarcult as one of their favorites. I checked them out and really enjoyed their power/pop/punk music. They are from Santa Barbara, CA.

5. "Thought a Lot" - Arthur
Arthur is MXPX, MXPX is Arthur. Arthur is MXPXs attempt at more 50's inspired music. So far they only have a 6 song EP out. A new album is supposed to be released soon. MXPX is currently working on their own new album and the demos for Arthur are completed so hopefully the Arthur album will follow shortly thereafter.

6. "Punk Rock Princess" - Something Corporate
What do you get when you mix Ben Folds, Weezer, and power/pop/punk? You get local Southern California band Something Corporate. They have seemlessly realeased a 6 song EP with amazing lyrics and wonderful piano mixed with great power/pop guitars. This song is probably my favorite song off the EP, their full length album is going to be released in the next couple months. These guys are quickly gaining popularity throughout the country with their current single, "If You See Jordan".

7. "The Luckiest" - Ben Folds
Ben Folds Five no longer exsists. But lead singer/pianist Ben Folds has ventured onto a solo career. On his new album he played every instrument. This song examplifies Folds' song writing abilities. Other songs on his new album show off his piano prowess.

8. "Shades Drawn Please" - Pawn Rook Four
You have never heard of the Pawn Rook Four. The fact is no one will probably ever hear of the Pawn Rook Four, because of the way the music industry is.. The PR4 as they like to be called are great. They are from the East coast, and I found them while searching for new music on about 3 years ago. In fact I liked them so much I bought their album even though I had already got all their songs from These guys are really good, check them out on, maybe they will be big someday if they ever get a chance.

9. "Different Situation" - Athenaeum
I used to include Ath in my favorite bands, unfortunately their newest album wasn't good to me. But their previous album Radience was musical genius. It's one of my favorite albums of all time. This particular song shows off their Alt. Country roots. Don't read to much into that, this is no Country Western band. But they do throw out the occasional steel guitar. I love their lead singers voice.

10. "Wonderland" - Collapsis
Collapsis did just that. They are no longer together. Mike Garrigan (the lead singer) is now in Athenaeum as a guitar player. Personally I think it's a waste of his great voice, but I'm sure they have plans for that. This song is great. It's a great modern mellow alternative rock love song.

11. "I Could Be" - Mike Garrigan
Before Collapsis, Mike Garrigan had a couple solo albums. Although I have been unable to obtain a copy of any of his albums I have downloaded various songs from the internet. This song is just purely amazing. It's extra slow but I love it. It really shows off his singing ability.

12. "Alison" - Elvis Costello
Elvis! The man I base many of my current favorites off of. Do I really need to say much about Elvis Costello? He's one of the greatest modern singers crooners of all time and this is my all time favorite songs. I wish his newer stuff impressed me as much as his earlier work.

13. "Drive By" - Glen Phillips
Ever heard of Toad the Wet Sprocket? Well if you have you know Glen Phillips' voice. Glen was the lead singer of the now defunct TTWS. This song is about a story Ben Folds told him about something that happened in his childhood. It's funny and a great feel good song.

14. "A Praise Chorus" - Jimmy Eat World
By now everyone knows JEW. With "Bleed American" and "The Middle" already topping the Modern Rock charts. "A Praise Chorus" is the best song on this album, period. The new album is really good. Their previous album had a hit by the name of "Lucky Denver Mint" which is really good too.

15. "Sorry" - Nerf Herder
These guys gained a lot of airplay a couple years back with a song called 'Van Halen". Unfortunately they never were played in the Los Angeles area even though they are from Santa Barbara. This song is crude, but funny. It shows off their humor which contines throughout most songs on their albums.

16. "The Good Life" - Weezer
This song is off of Weezer's second album, Pinkerton. It was considered a flop... But I think it was a good album with some great songs. This is one of my favorite songs of all time by Weezer along with "Island in the Sub".

17. "The Ups and Downs" - Ozma
These kids are Weezer protoges. In fact these LA locals are currently on tour with Weezer on the East coast. Their album Rock and Roll Party 3 is an absolute gem. It's amazing they are still signed under a small label. This song is only one of the many I enjoy and sing along to in my car.

18. "Lisa (Does it Hurt You?)" - Phantom Planet
I saw Phatom Planet open for American Hi-Fi and you didn't! As I have mentioned before Jason Swartzman of Rushmore and Slackers fame. These guys are really good. Their album The Guest on Epic was recent released and is probably one of my favorite albums so far this year.

19. "If I Told You This Was Killling Me, Would You Stop?" - The Juliana Theory
Probably one of the longer song titles you have ever seen. This isn't my favorite TJT song. But it is the song I think shows off their total rocking ability the best. The recently signed with Epic and are currently working on their first major label album. Previous albums were on Tooth and Nails records who also did MXPX's first albums. I saw The Juliana Theory at The Warped Tour, they were absolutely amazing. Their first 2 albums are probably in my top 20 of all time.

20. "The Glutton of Sympathy" - Jellyfish
Jellyfish has been broken up for probably about 6 years. Their full albums always seemed to tell a story and were enjoyed most when listen to from start to finish. This particular song is a great one off their album which also included "The Ghost at Number One" which recieved airplay locally on world famous KROQ.

21. "Is It All That Great Without Me?" - Evan and Jaron
These guys are twins and they both sing. This song is on their first not nationally released small label album. My friend offy let me leech the album from his DSL line. I love this song. Not all their songs are this good but I would say with the two albums they have I could put together a 7 or 8 song album of really good to great songs.

22. "High on a Riverbed" - Toad the Wet Sprocket
TTWS... Oh how I miss TTWS. My favorite all time band. This song was on their second album Pale, my favorite TTWS album. I think it closes my Mix CD well. This song is sad yet promising.

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