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Weekend... Weekend... Weekend???

Well on Friday I got a membership to LA Fitness. All part of my plan. Once I showed myself I could change my diet... (still working on it, but major changes have been made) I wanted to go the next step and provide myself with a place to work out. I can go whenever I want, the place is open till 12 Mon-Thurs so that will be nice. I worked out Friday and Today. Did about 15-20 mins of cardio (bike and treadmill) and then lifted. Spent about 1 hour total each day. I need more cardio, but that takes time to build up the stamina. Plus any excercise is good excercise. I'm feeling really good about this. Now it's just getting myself to go during the week after work. But if I'm paying for this that makes me want to try and get my money's worth. My dad has a membership there too, so now we can play raquetball sometimes! Of course he doens't want to play at 8 at night (when is as quick as I can get there after work and changing. But hopefully I can talk him into it. I know he will play on the weekends (he already does). The rest of the weekend wasn't much of anything...

I have started playing Ultima Online again, which is like liquid crack. My friends that played rejoined so we are all playing. It's fun...
Also I bought All Star Baseball 2003 for my Playstation 2... it is amazing... I'm very impressed.

That's all for now... back to work tomorrow.

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